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Two things parents should do after enrolling their kids in ballet classes

Below are some things parents should do after enrolling their children in kids' ballet classes.

Keep a spare pair of ballet shoes for their child in their car

Parents who have never taken their children to kids ballet classes before will often make the mistake of getting them just one pair of ballet shoes and not bothering to get them a spare pair that they can keep in the car they use to take them to their lessons. If they or their child then forgets to pack their ballet shoes in preparation for a class, the child may end up having to either do the class in their socks or barefoot.

The former might result in them slipping when they're trying to hold a certain ballet pose, whilst the latter might give them too much grip and make it hard for them to glide their feet gracefully across the ballet studio's hard floor. Ballet slippers provide the perfect mix of grip and glide and so are the most important item a child needs to take with them to these classes. As such, it's best for their parents to always have a spare pair of ballet slippers on hand in their car for those days when they or their child forget to pack their usual pair.

Stay and observe their child at their ballet classes

Many parents who enrol their kids in these classes simply drop them off and then return when the class is over. Whilst this is fine when the children in question are in their teens, it can be a mistake for a parent who has a young child not to ever sit and observe them during these ballet lessons. If a parent sits and watches their kid, they quickly learn some of the simple moves, just through observing them and listening to the ballet teacher's instructions. If they manage to do this, they could then help their child to practise their ballet movements at home.

This could be particularly useful if a child is very young as, for example, toddlers might not always correctly remember what they learn in a class, and their parents' ability to help them practise will ensure that they get to feel the exhilaration of getting better at this performing art. Enabling their young children to retain what they learn and to, therefore, quickly become good at ballet could be especially important for any parents who hope that their child will take this art form more seriously as they get older. Furthermore, if a parent is able to join in when the child practises ballet at home, they can use this activity as a way to make their bond with their child even stronger.

Reach out to an instructor to learn what else you should do if you enrol your child in kids' ballet